* Where is Facia, Gtrim, Gold jojoba, Sure slim, Max Dura, Tribull manufactured?

All Alaris products are manufactured in Sydney Australia.

* Are there any side effects to Alaris products?

Since all Alaris products are manufactured under strict WHO-GMP (World Health organization - Good manufacturing practices) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Australia standards it is necessary that these products do not have any side effects.

* What are the certifications for Alaris products?

All our products are WHO-GMP and TGA Australia certified and they are registered under the Department of Ayurveda Sri Lanka.

* Where can I buy Alaris products?

All Alaris products are available in leading pharmacies, supermarkets and fancy shops island wide. To know the exact location kindly use our

* Is there a specific age limit to use Alaris cosmetic products such as Facia, Gtrim, Gold jojoba and Sure slim?

Anyone above the ages of 16 can use our products and are guaranteed effective and safe results

* Can I use my favorite Alaris product during pregnancy and lactation?

All external cosmetics of our Facia and Gold jojoba ranges are safe to use during and after pregnancy. Although any indication has not been proved in the usage of any internal product during pregnancy and lactation, as an ethical brand owner, we are willing to announce that our Alaris oral products are not recommended for the usage during pregnancy and lactation.

* I am not aware of my skin type and have problems with selecting the best cleaners/ creams for my Face.

We at Alaris are always ready to help our beloved customers with various skin related issues. Kindly call our products product hotline for a free skin check up by our professionals.

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