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Alaris Lanka Pvt Ltd was inaugurated in the year 2002 with the objective of becoming an authorized importers and marketers for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Nutraceuticals in Sri Lanka. We were appointment as authorized importer and marketer for Zifam Pinnacle Pvt Ltd., of Australia and we cherish the association with them. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength to what it is today. The product portfolio of our company comprises of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Nutraceuticals. Therefore, our customers consist of Doctors, Nutritionist, Pharmacies, Govt., & Private Hospitals, Super Markets, Beauticians, Fancy Shops, Cosmetic Shops & Beauty Salons. Our accomplished Marketing team ensures a highly enthusiastic, efficient & regular services to our customers to generate the prescription and create demand for our products. The demand created by the Marketing Team needs to be transformed into Rupees & Cents. Our Sales Team has the task of transforming the Marketing Team’s efforts into Rupees & Cents. The Sales Team is given specialized, professional training in sales to accomplish this task. They are given comprehensive product training to overcome any enquiries in the market. The sales team is equipped with professional IT online invoicing system. This advanced technology in our operational frame work is bowser based web accessible modern redistribution software. This provides the relevant company staff and our principals with perfect Sales information of each product from our company warehouse to the pharmacy level. The market intelligence provided by this technology is precise, comprehensive and up-to-date. Many of our products are identified as market leaders in their respective segment, which was made possible being extracted from this technology. There are around 25 Distributors Island wide from Pointpedro to Dondra end, strategically located in major cities. With the resources provided by us and the facilities they possess they maintain a network to reach the customers in every corner of their territory. Our sales team optimizes the facilities to make timely availability of our products to the identified customers, within 24 hours of placing the order, to fulfill the expectations of the company in each territory. Our Sales team with their dynamic performance ensures unprecedented growth of the company month after month. 

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