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Max dura is a combination of natural extracts of proven herbs that may assist in enhancing performance and satisfaction in middle to elderly age groups,

  • Gold Jojoba Hydrating Toner

    Gold Jojoba Hydrating Toner is a unique formula, especially formulated with refreshing cucumber extract to tone and re-hydrate the skin. Jojoba extract, Aloe Vera and Witch hazel extract gently help soothe and calm the skin, leaving it feel refreshed.


    Omega 3 in HAPPY KIDS is a vital nutrient that is not produced by our body but needs to be taken externally. Of this, DHA and EPA in Omega 3, nutrients essential for brain development in children and pure fish oil that contains in HAPPY KIDS is a great source of this DHA and EPA in Omega 3.


    SURE SLIM may assist in blocking carbohydrate absorption from the diet, thus preventing additional calorie intake. It will simulate the metabolism and reduce the fat storage allowing you to eat normally and still lose weight.


    May assist in preventing and treating Negative Nitrogen Balance Surgical Prophylaxis Chronic Diseases Vegan or restricted diet Athletes Building Muscle Mass Stress Formula for Energy and Strength.

  • Gold Jojoba Face Wash Cleanser

    The 6 in 1 action of Gold jojoba face wash will give you fabulous results after its 1st wash.Gold jojoba face wash is soap free & oil free


    TRI BULL is suitable for both male and female to increase desire, improve libido, increase fertility and may treat impotency. TRI BULL is especially designed to assist in enhancing natural production of Testosterone levels, thus improve muscle mass and assist on workouts.