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  • Facia Day Whitening Cream

    Facia Day Whitening cream is a combination of 7 unique plant extracts, is light & non- greasy  that can be used daily to achieve a fairer and even skin tone.

    Facia Day Whitening cream  with SPF 15 is designed to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. No bleaching or any other harmful ingredients included.


    ·         5 shades lighter skin tone with all unique & natural ingredients

    ·         Protects for harmful rays of sun

    ·         Nourishes, Moistures & hydrates

    ·         Gradually reduces acne scars & pigmentation

    ·         Fights wrinkles and fine lines



    Aloe Vera

    Turmeric (Sabi White)

    Marine Collagen

    Jojoba Oil

    Shea Butter


    Lumi Skin


    SPF 15



    Apply liberally and frequently before exposure to sun / before make up or anytime you want to moisturize your skin during the day time .