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  • Gold Jojoba Whitening Day Cream

                 Gold jojoba whitening day cream does not contain any harmful chemicals such as bleaching.Gold jojoba Whitening Day Cream will nourish and protect your skin all day long. It removes dark patches and gives you a clearer skin. 

    ◘ Makes your skin fairer without any addition of bleach

    ◘ Protects against harmful UV rays (safest and 

       recommended SPF level)

    ◘ Keeps your skin moisturized all day long without 

       making it oily

    ◘ Good make up base (will minimize the harm done by 

       long term use of makeup)

    ◘ Nourishes and rejuvenates your skin

    ◘ For all dark areas like armpits, elbows and knees

    ◘ Prevents wrinkles and remove spots and 


    Directions to use – 

    Apply the cream on 5 points & neck (forehead, nose, chin cheeks) and massage upwards. 

    Use on hands and areas exposed to sun.