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  • Gold Jojoba Rejuvenating Night Applicap

              Gold jojoba applicap contains natural jojoba oil and natural vitamin E.Natural jojoba oil is similar to the human sebum, therefore is quickly absorbed into the skin and nourishes the skin from within. Gold jojoba applicap works on your skin at night to remove dirt and dust to give a fresh glowing look to your face by morning. 

    ◘ Removes under eye dark circles, pigmentations  and spots to give a clearer skin

    ◘ Removes wrinkles and fights aging

    ◘ Moisturizes and nourishes your skin and prevent dryness

    ◘ Prevent darkening of elbows, neck & toes


    Directions to use -

                   Twist to snap the head of the applicap and squeeze contents on clean hand, apply on cleansed face and massage well. Using the ring finger gently massage around the eyes to prevent dark circles and wrinkles. Wash thoroughly with water in the morning.